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PostSubject: Rulez   Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:22 pm

Welcome all to Pakistan Rocks Community which is basically an extension of http://www.pkrocks.com

While we provide a free service here, we would like you to abide by certain rules to keep the atmosphere friendly and fun.

1. Please treat all users nicely, no swearing or pointing is allowed, if reported the one responsible will be punished. Please also avoid abusive language and use of swear words.

2. We know that we can't stop you from copying material to other websites but please inform us before doing. This will result in mutual benefit. WE TRUST YOU!

3. Please since there is no age limit to this community, as it is meant for all, so don't post adult-rated material. Such material will be immediately deleted, and the user will be warned three time before being banned.

4. Please if you advertise any other website, make sure that is purely for entertainment purpose. If not you will be charged per advertisement, which is the company policy.

5. To make the community more efficient, please consider your duty to report broken or dead links to the respective mod or the administrator.

We hope that you have a wonderful time here at Pakistan Rocks, and hope that you are noble people and will abide by the laws.

Thanks in advance,
Pkrox Admin Team


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